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Supply Chain challenges in North America decoded by MESH Works,

Supply & Demand Challenges in North America

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges: The Strategic Importance of Diversified Sourcing In the dynamic world of ...
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Aluminum: The Unsung Hero of Solar Energy - MESH Works

Sourcing Aluminum: The Unsung Hero of Solar Energy

In the pursuit of renewable energy, one material has risen to the forefront as a ...
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MESH Supplier Success Story

Shinco Technologies – Supplier Success with MESH Sourcing in Vietnam

About Shinco Technologies Shinco Technologies Company Limited of Vietnam was established in 2007 and specializes ...
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Sourcing in India -

Exploring the Potential of Sourcing from India: Benefits and Challenges

As global markets continue to evolve, manufacturers are seeking diverse sourcing options to optimize their ...
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Zhejiang Baisida's Supplier Success with MESH Global Sourcing

Zhejiang Baisida Sanitary Company Ltd. – Supplier Success with MESH Global Sourcing

About Zhejiang Baisida Sanitary Company Ltd. Established in 2008, Zhejiang Baisida Sanitary Company Co. Ltd., ...
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APQP digital implementation by MESH Works

How to Implement Digital APQP

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is all about ensuring that new products or processes meet ...
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Sourcing in Mexico

Sourcing from Mexico: Benefits and Challenges

Nearshoring occurs when a buyer receives products from a supplier that is near the country ...
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graphic representing global team diversity

How to Build a Global Software Team in a Startup

MEDIA, CULTURE, AND INNOVATION: How MESH Works Played a Role in an India-America Tech Collaboration ...
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Finding “The Voice of the Customer”

What is the “Voice of the Customer”? Are they looking for something specific? What are ...
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10 Key Updates in AIAG’s APQP Guidelines (3rd Edition)

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has recently released the third edition of its Advanced ...
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MESH Works is optimized with latest APQP standards.

Staying Ahead of the 2024 APQP Sourcing Updates

When AIAG announced that changes would be made to the APQP manual, MESH Works readied ...
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Simplify your procurement process with MESH Works SRM

Driving Procurement Forward in the Automotive Industry

Type the words “auto,” “procurement,” and “disruptions” into a search engine, and you’ll find an ...
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Latest Features in MESH

The Latest in MESH Works: March 2024

At MESH Works, customer-centricity is at the core of our philosophy. We recognize the individuality ...
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MESH Works APQP Insights Forum

APQP 2024 Insights Forum: Unveiling the Future of Quality Assurance

Embark on a journey of innovation and excellence as MESH Works and Quality House proudly ...
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Mesh Works President, CEO Sahil Shah receiving the Pillar Award.

MESH Works Honored with Pillar Award for Community Service

We are thrilled to share that MESH Works was recently recognized for our commitment to ...
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MESH Works Annual Report 2023

MESH Works 2023: Redefining Sourcing & Quality Dynamics

MESH Works has emerged as a powerhouse in the fast-paced global sourcing and manufacturing world, ...
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MESH Customer Success Story.

Case Study: Super Auto India Ltd.

In this article, we uncover how Super Auto India Ltd. simplified its workflow with improved ...
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Experience MESH Works' digital APQP, Quality Management in one click.

How MESH Works is Transforming Manufacturing

Navigating the intricate world of automotive manufacturing requires precision, collaboration, and streamlined processes, which are ...
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One way to immediately fix your APQP

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers have suffered from a lack of competent engineering resources. Those ...
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Three Mistakes Happening in APQP

APQP is cross-functional, involving production quality, design, sales, and sourcing engineering, developing an application for ...
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APQP for Small Manufacturers

Consistency in APQP APQP processes incorporating standard forms such as Part Submission Warrants, Control Plans, ...
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The APQP Evolution: From Chaos to Consistency

Auto Manufacturing in the 1980s In the 1980s, all suppliers had to follow different quality ...
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Enhancing Quality Engineering with APQP and MESH QMS

Quality engineers ensure that their organizations’ products and services meet the highest standards. One of ...
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Supplier Relationship Management Explained

REDUCE WASTE & INCREASE RESULTS The pandemic has taught us many important business lessons. One ...
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Forging Ahead in Mexico with MESH Sourcing

Forging Explained The metal forging market is divided into open-die, closed-die, and ring forging. In ...
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Importance of the MESH Sourcing Audit

What is a sourcing audit? Sourcing in today’s complex marketplace can be an overwhelming task ...
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Suppliers in Mexico: Simplify the Search with MESH Sourcing

According to EuroGus and Redstone Manufacturing, just over 100 die casting foundries exist in Mexico. ...
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What is MESH Sourcing?

Sourcing is an information overload. The steps of the buyer processes are also meticulous and ...
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MESH CEO Sahil Shah invited as Panelist for Insight into India: Update on New Legal Developments + Business Opportunities

MESH CEO Sahil Shah will speak at the Insight to India event on Thursday, May ...
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MESH Connect: Digitizing Metal Manufacturing in Rajkot

MESH is focused on connecting buyers and sellers of industrial metal components. MESH Connect is ...
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Case Study: MES Inc.

  About the Company MES is a global manufacturing and supply chain organization based in ...
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For Immediate Release: MESH™ Launches Affordable Cloud-Based Solution for Manufacturing Firms

April 3, 2023 [Lewis Center, OH] – MESH is proud to announce the release of ...
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Streamlining RFQ & Procurement Processes for Casting Buyers

The turbulent events of the last two years brought the world, including the Metalcasting Industry, ...
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Is your RFQ process working?

In a recent discovery call with the VP of Purchasing for a $600 million Tier ...
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Commodity Managers: The QBs of the Supply Chain

Think of commodity managers as the quarterbacks of the supply chain team.  They need to ...
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How CNC Machine Shops Can Reduce Time Spent Sourcing Bar Stock

Hundreds of Tier 1, 2, & 3 CNC machine shops will need to pivot to ...
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How to Engage with Suppliers and Build a Robust Supply Chain

Successful sourcing professionals consistently analyze and adjust their sourcing strategy. Now, more than ever, the ...
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Advances in Foundry Purchasing & Supplier Management Tools

by Sahil Shah   Die casters typically purchase several grades of aluminum from 3-5 sources. ...
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Managing APQP in Foundries

by Sahil Shah When automotive foundries are awarded projects, they start with Design for Manufacturing ...
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What We Got Wrong About COVID

Thirty months since our team members first learned about Coronavirus (remember calling it that!) there ...
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CRM vs SRM: What is the Difference?

The History of CRM The term “CRM” customer relationship management is now a commonly used ...
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ERFx/Sourcing Terminologies

RFQ (request for quote) is a business process in which a company or public entity ...
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How Robust is Your Supplier Management System?

Are your suppliers’ certifications compliant? Are you buyers being productive? Do you have visibility to ...
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SRM Overview & Background

Many of the progressive industrial companies in the world have successfully digitized their CRM processes ...
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Tier 1 Assemblies

MESH is built upon years of experience in buying forgings, fasteners, castings, raw materials in ...
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Introducing MESH – A One of a Kind Tool

MES is a metrics driven enterprise using data analytics as the basis for all our ...
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Buying for CNC Machine Shops

Typical buyer for a small to mid-size CNC machine shop with 30-100 employees likely purchases ...
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The Basics of Sourcing (Explained in Plain Language)

Ever wondered what all the different purchasing-related acronyms really mean? You’ve come to the right ...
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Buying for Injection Molding and Die Casting Factories

Custom injection molding shops and die casting factories purchase different types of material grades – ...
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