MESH Connect: Digitizing Metal Manufacturing in Rajkot

MESH is focused on connecting buyers and sellers of industrial metal components. MESH Connect is a new series of supplier and customer summits, get-togethers, and educational workshops to share best practices in digitizing small and medium size factories, purchasing, and quality management functions.

MESH Connect Rajkot will be held on Friday – April 14, from 10 am – 6 pm at Fortune Park JPS Grand. Technical representatives from over 60 factories in the area will be in attendance.

Session topics include:

  • How to grow domestic and local exports
  • What are customers looking for?
  • Digitizing RFQ and Supplier relationship management and compliance
  • Improving quality reporting and automating APQP management
  • Demonstrations and trials of MESH solutions

We look forward to a fun and educational day! For questions email or visit MESH Connect on LinkedIn.

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