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Staying Ahead of the 2024 APQP Sourcing Updates

When AIAG announced that changes would be made to the APQP manual, MESH Works readied themselves.  We obtained a copy of the new APQP manual and the new Control Plan manual.

We also observed a demonstration led by Dave Mimms (AIAG), a part of the APQP and Control Plan revision workgroup, and Jeremy Hazel (Plexus International), an experienced trainer and curriculum developer specializing in core tools implementation and utilization.

They provided a high-level overview of the changes that were to come. Some of the changes discussed pertained to sourcing. MESH is happy to announce that many of the updates to sourcing that Mr. Mimms and Mr. Hazel presented have already been integrated into our cloud-based software platform. Here is how MESH Works has stayed ahead of the curve regarding sourcing readiness, gate management, and capacity assessment in relation to the new APQP sourcing updates.

Sourcing Readiness

APQP Update: The new APQP updates increase the focus on the sourcing stage. More specifically, the update considers finding an appropriate supplier as important as having industry-standard checkpoints in place.

The MESH Platform: MESH Works has been aware of the importance of finding an appropriate supplier since the conception of the company. In fact, with the MESH Works platform buyers have filtering and visibility capabilities to over 3,000 suppliers globally. What do we mean by filtering and visibility?

Filtering: MESH has created the database so that you can filter out suppliers based on a variety of criteria.

Visibility: This means you have access to actual pictures and videos of the suppliers’ manufacturing warehouse, procedures, and more.

Gated management includes sub-tiers

APQP Update: Gated management ensures structured project oversight, allowing buyers to verify effective management. The new APQP process has applied this to all the supply chain tier system sub-tiers.

The MESH Platform: MESH Works has also allowed access to managing multiple tiers in one database. In addition, buyers and stakeholders can customize the checklist between each gate to adhere to industry standards. This shows that the MESH platform can help adhere to the new APQP framework.

Capacity Assessment

APQP Update: The manual presents a new way to handle capacity assessments. It involves evaluating contracted volume (capacity) to ensure alignment with production requirements. This assessment helps organizations plan effectively and optimize their production capabilities.

The MESH Platform: MESH Works also learned about suppliers’ capabilities and capacities two years ago when they launched their product. The platform simplifies supplier assessment, aiding quality management and planning. This ultimately makes it easier to plan and manage quality more effectively.

In closing, APQP is transitioning from what some would consider a supply chain industry framework to industry governance. Despite the numerous updates in the new APQP manual, rest assured that MESH Works consistently stays ahead of industry standards. Set up a discovery call with one of our team members today to learn how we can assist you in implementing the new APQP updates.

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