MESH Sourcing: A global, end-to-end database for metal manufacturing buyers & suppliers

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What's in our database?

  •  2700+ Registered Suppliers
  •  2100+ MESH-Audited Suppliers
  •  40+ Countries
  •  30+ Materials
  •  30+ Commodities
  •  20+ Manufacturing Processes

Features & Benefits


MESH Sourcing suppliers span across 35+ countries, 25+ commodities, and 15+ manufacturing processes.

Our MESH Auditors conduct on-site sourcing audits consisting of 45 questions across plant, equipment, layout, quality, engineering, and logistics along with factory photos and videos.

Information on testing, design & engineering capabilities, manufacturing processes, and specific equipment information.

**ALL validated by MESH Auditors**


Sourcing Reimagined. Purchasing Transformed.

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