SRM Overview & Background

Many of the progressive industrial companies in the world have successfully digitized their CRM processes using software like Salesforce and others. But their Sourcing and Supply chain teams still use archaic excel, email, and PDF tools to engage in communications with their suppliers, conduct commercial exchanges, and manage contracts & certifications through the full life …

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Tier 1 Assemblies

MESH is built upon years of experience in buying forgings, fasteners, castings, raw materials in different forms and assemblies. Automotive, agriculture, aerospace, lighting, and general industrial customers have teams of buyers who communicate with their suppliers sending drawings, specifications, and standard templates to see the cost drivers from supplier quotes. MESH allows buyers and commodity …

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Introducing MESH – A One of a Kind Tool

MES is a metrics driven enterprise using data analytics as the basis for all our decision making activities. Market positioning, strategic planning, financial and budgeting processes improvement, associate and client planning, supply chain and inventory management, supplier performance and pricing, and cost reductions are just a few areas where data analytics driven decision making have …

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Buying for CNC Machine Shops

Typical buyer for a small to mid-size CNC machine shop with 30-100 employees likely purchases over 100 types of materials in sizes, shapes, quantities which vary frequently. This buyer mostly uses some older ERP type of software to store “some” of the material quotes. He/she also uses a large array of excel files, PDF files …

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The Basics of Sourcing (Explained in Plain Language)

Ever wondered what all the different purchasing-related acronyms really mean? You’ve come to the right place. Using simple terminology, here is an explanation of the often confusing “alphabet soup” acronyms, which are germane to the world of purchasing and procurement. ERFx An ERFx is an Electronic Request for (x), where “x” stands for Proposal, Quotation, …

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Buying for Injection Molding and Die Casting Factories

Custom injection molding shops and die casting factories purchase different types of material grades – scrap and virgin materials for their use. The buyer spends an inordinate amount of time working with small dealers and large mills procuring what’s needed. Buyers also work with their sales team to give advanced pricing on projects which will …

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