Tier 1 Assemblies

MESH is built upon years of experience in buying forgings, fasteners, castings, raw materials in different forms and assemblies.

Automotive, agriculture, aerospace, lighting, and general industrial customers have teams of buyers who communicate with their suppliers sending drawings, specifications, and standard templates to see the cost drivers from supplier quotes.

MESH allows buyers and commodity managers at these companies to build assembly or component level RFQs easily and quickly because of pre-built material tables, quote breakdown sheets, and ready supplier libraries. All communications with suppliers are done within the portal. Buyers can keep all information updated and be assured that all suppliers are working on the same sheet of music!

When specification changes or drawing changes as designs mature and move further into production, buyers can keep refreshing the quote and update supplier quotes to new specifications.

At the time of sourcing, buyers can avail of MESH tools to analyze and break down costs, negotiate with suppliers, or get clarifications from them, saving hundreds of hours of unproductive time emailing and refreshing the quotes.

Most of the systems outside have the same framework of quotes and templates, whether they buy million-dollar machines or forty-cent fasteners. MESH offers custom templates for various commodities and materials to allow more tailored feedback from suppliers, which can be readily analyzed with a high degree of confidence.

MESH also offers the My Parts library and My RFQ, which allows the buyer to send parts for quick pricing reviews.

MESH also offers a supplier management capability where the supplier will be asked to keep their certifications updated – 30 days, five days, and the day before they expire. This feature can save hundreds of hours in follow-ups for buyers and managers to keep their supplier\’s information current and compliant.

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