Introducing MESH – A One of a Kind Tool

MES is a metrics driven enterprise using data analytics as the basis for all our decision making activities. Market positioning, strategic planning, financial and budgeting processes improvement, associate and client planning, supply chain and inventory management, supplier performance and pricing, and cost reductions are just a few areas where data analytics driven decision making have made MES an industry leader.  MES has made the great leap from commodity analytics to advanced analytics.  From “that which can be done with commonly available tools without any specialized knowledge of data analytics” to “going beyond what happened, when it happened and what the impact was, (to) identify what caused it to happened and what can be done about it in the future.” (Bill Franks in “Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave)

Trials using several commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications only proved we needed customized tools to support MES’s business model, its growing global presence, and the desire to accommodate the differing cultural and working styles of our employees.  So, MES decided to create in-house, a one-stop progressively integrated suite of solutions comprising stand-alone, intuitive and easy to use applications and platforms called MESH.

MESH CRM—A desktop/mobile platform for sales tracking, reporting and management. This MES Client Relations Management tool offers sales account managers full support in tracking end-to-end client development activities to include task scheduling, account progress status, prospective client status, and business analysis on trends, area coverage, corporate profiles, and several other competitive intelligence items of interest.  And, CRM provides the means to analyze, focus, and improve sales performance.

MESH CRM transitions logically to…

MESH PM—An SQL platform for customer and supplier quotes, for project management from RFQ to APQP through PPAP.  This MES Project Management tool offers MES project managers full interactive end-to-end project management support including customer and criterion-based supplier RFQs and, upon award, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) through Production Part Approval Process activities.

MESH PM transitions logically to…

MESH QM—A mobile platform for quality reporting.  This MES Quality Management tool offers MES global quality engineers and managers full in the field and on the run quality engineering support including start-to-finish production status and quality assurance monitoring, production and quality process improvement activities, and supply chain and customer support services and coordination.  All are accomplished using 24/7 communication links.

The implementation of MESH allows us to scale up the business and increase our revenues, without the constraints of adding resources (and constantly costs) at the same pace. The benefits are shown by the exponential increases in the business quoted, dollars amount quoted, new customers added to the portfolio and finally, new part projects kicked off.

MES is already planning the development of several more innovative applications and platforms.  Today, MES uses robust data prospecting and mining, statistical methodologies, and modeling techniques to great success.  And, as our resources and inventiveness allow, we look forward to employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to make data analytically based business predictions.

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