Buying for Injection Molding and Die Casting Factories

Custom injection molding shops and die casting factories purchase different types of material grades – scrap and virgin materials for their use. The buyer spends an inordinate amount of time working with small dealers and large mills procuring what’s needed.

Buyers also work with their sales team to give advanced pricing on projects which will go into production next year or further out.

As these negotiations through their sales team mature and the timing for the project gets closer, the buyer needs to continue to get raw material pricing updated.

All along, they are sending RFQs out in excel format, getting responses in PDF and excel or even word format. They have to spend time putting them together in a format so it’s easy to analyze, break down and make decisions.

The manager for this buyer is often evaluating fragmented pieces of information to help the team make decisions.

MESH offers pre-made templates for this injection molder to order from hundreds of grades of plastics and communicate with vendors in the standard portal. When requoting, it takes less than 4 clicks to submit to vendors for updated pricing.

Key to helping these injection molders, die casters, and forging companies is a pre-built materials library and template to allow breakdowns as well as raw material index assumptions into the quote.

MESH also allows the buyers at these factories to buy all the factory supplies such as boxes, shrink wrap, labels, and hundreds of other items which they need to keep their factories running smoothly!

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