MESH Supplier Success Story

Shinco Technologies – Supplier Success with MESH Sourcing in Vietnam

MESH Supplier success storyAbout Shinco Technologies

Shinco Technologies Company Limited of Vietnam was established in 2007 and specializes in aluminum alloy extrusions for auto manufacturing.

The company was introduced to the MESH platform in 2022 to expand its business exposure to buyers looking to supplement their global sourcing strategies. They find value in the tool as it helps them connect with their customers on multiple new projects in a digital platform. This was one of the main reasons they joined MESH along with the exposure to new business opportunities.

Recent Success as a MESH Supplier

Shinco Technologies was recently awarded a project on the MESH platform for medical instruments that require high-pressure die casting of ADC-12 aluminum along with moderate machining requirements from a customer in the United States. The annual value of that project is estimated to be $282,000.

Open Capacity

Shinco Technologies is open to new customer projects in the high-pressure die-casting space, so it has joined the MESH sourcing portal and added its profile and capabilities in hopes of continuing to get new opportunities. With a 4.3 MESH rating, Shinco features 9 die casting machines up to 800 tons and over 60 CNC/NC machines. They are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

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