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Case Study: Super Auto India Ltd.

In this article, we uncover how Super Auto India Ltd. simplified its workflow with improved productivity using the MESH Portal.

About the company:

In the highly competitive automotive manufacturing landscape, Super Auto India Ltd., a leading aluminum die-casting company, faced numerous challenges in managing its extensive production portfolio and ongoing projects. The company, renowned for supplying critical components to major Auto and Two-Wheeler OEMs, grappled with continuous design changes, intricate innovations, and the struggle to meet the demands of a growing customer base. The need for efficient project management, streamlined communication, and real-time updates led Super Auto to embark on a transformative journey with the MESH platform.


Challenges Faced by Super Auto India Ltd.:

Challenges faced in filing RFQ, Supplier Relation Management, Project Management

  1. Continuous design changes and innovations.
  2. Managing an extensive range of projects with limited resources.
  3. Data retention and monitoring complexities.
  4. Providing regular and accurate updates to customers.
  5. Difficulty in maintaining proper records of designs and drawing revisions.
  6. Inter-team and customer communication challenges.
  7. Inability to review and monitor the status of each project due to a large number of ongoing developments.
  8. Excessive time spent on manual project management using Excel sheets.
  9. Customer dissatisfaction due to delays and communication gaps.

Quantifying MESH’s Impact on Super Auto’s Productivity:


Before using MESH After onboarding MESH

Improvement in Productivity

Real-time Incident Reporting Efficiency Teams spent an average of 30 minutes per incident report. Time spent on incident reporting was reduced to 2-3 minutes. Approximately 90-93%.


Milestone and Gantt Chart Creation Teams used to invest around 8-10 hours creating milestones and Gantt charts. The time required for this task was streamlined to 1-2 hours maximum. A substantial increase of around 80-90%.
APQP Project Update Streamlining Four team members were dedicated to updating APQP projects. A single team member can efficiently handle the same task. An impressive 75%.
Reports & Data Monitoring The senior management team spent 6-8 hours creating the monthly reports and consolidating the performance reports. They can download all reports directly from the MESH portal within a few clicks. Performances are monitored now on dashboards. A substantial increase of around 90%.

How MESH Transformed Super Auto’s Operations:

  1. Introduction to MESH:

Super Auto, being a supplier to MES, was introduced to MESH through MES, which efficiently handled RFQ and project activities through the platform.

  1. Trial Period:

MESH provided Super Auto with a complimentary trial period, allowing the company to explore and evaluate the platform’s capabilities.

  1. Resource Optimization:

Super Auto observed a significant reduction in resource allocation after implementing MESH, thanks to its streamlined project management features.

  1. Smooth APQP Phases:

The seamless data transfer across different phases of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) ensured a smooth workflow and enhanced collaboration.

  1. Real-Time Customer Updates:

Customers began receiving real-time updates through the MESH platform, addressing the challenge of providing regular and accurate project status reports.

  1. Mobile Accessibility for Management:

Management could review project statuses on the go through mobile access, enabling quick decision-making and oversight.

  1. Dashboards for Comprehensive Insights:

MESH’s dashboards provided comprehensive insights into project statuses, allowing for informed decision-making.

  1. Quality Management Improvements:

The Quality teams reported incidents in real-time through MESH, enabling managers to conduct thorough analyses and promptly close issues.

  1. Efficient Documentation and Revision Management:

Proper design records and revisions were maintained through MESH, preventing incorrect production due to outdated drawings.

  1. Enhanced Team Collaboration:

Discussion boards facilitated improved team collaboration, keeping track of meeting minutes and enhancing overall team communication.

  1. Direct Document Sharing:

MESH allowed Super Auto to share large documents, such as drawings and 3D models, directly with customers through the portal.


MESH Portal Super Auto India Ltd.’s adoption of the MESH platform marked a    significant turning point in their project management and communication processes. The platform not only addressed the challenges faced by the company but also brought about efficiency, transparency, and collaboration across various departments. As a result, Super Auto emerged as a more agile and customer-centric player in the competitive landscape of automotive die casting, with quantifiable increases in productivity across critical operational areas.


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