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MESH Sourcing

"Google" for Global Factory Audits

MESH Sourcing is a global database of supplier factories which includes:

  • 45 question sourcing audit
  • Audits are done by MESH employees
  • Production capabilities
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Required factory photos & videos

Finally, all your suppliers in one place. This is sourcing reimagined.

Easier. Faster. Better.

Designed to Simplify Sourcing

Empower your sourcing teams with the ability to search, find and qualify suppliers within minutes & hours instead of days or weeks.

Peace of Mind / Virtual Factory Audits

The ability to virtually visit a factory through photos and videos enhances your ability to trust and validate a supplier, which ultimately leads to business.

2025 Goal

MESH Sourcing plans to have 10,000 factory audits by 2025 across 15+ manufacturing processes and 20+ countries.

How It Works

Faster Sourcing

Finding the ideal supplier is crucial to delivering high-quality products. But time, distance, budget, and travel restrictions make it difficult to source from suppliers across the globe. Designed with sourcing and offshore manufacturing in mind, this application allows you to get a “glimpse” into the operations & processes of the facility.

Easier Qualification

Using the MESH Rating derived from the 45-question sourcing audit, you can view supplier profiles/capabilities, check certifications, and see factory photos and videos – which makes validating & qualifying the supplier much easier and more efficient.

Better Insight

Get insight into supplier operations, including a real-time feel of the factory, thanks to our centralized supplier repository, continuously updated supplier information and certifications, and our exclusive rating system that scores each supplier and ranks them according to standardized manufacturing requirements.


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