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How to Implement Digital APQP

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is all about ensuring that new products or processes meet customer expectations. APQP is a cross-functional process involving multiple departments and organizations, including engineering (Product and Process), new product development, sourcing, the planning and purchasing department, management (Stakeholders), and customers (Approvers). There are five clear phases within this structured process,

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Three Mistakes Happening in APQP

APQP is cross-functional, involving production quality, design, sales, and sourcing engineering, developing an application for a manufacturer from design to development to release to production with robust controls. 1. Milestones and constraints aren’t defined When they kick off the projects, most suppliers do not spend time developing a realistic timeline, including tooling, capital, equipment readiness,

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APQP for Small Manufacturers

Consistency in APQP APQP processes incorporating standard forms such as Part Submission Warrants, Control Plans, PFMEA, DFMEA, and Dimensional Inspection Reports have not changed since their inception. The robustness of APQP is so apparent that many other industries, especially electrical, industrial, agriculture, and, increasingly, aerospace industries, have started to use the formats for their product

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