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RFQs Created in Under 60 Seconds

Why MESH RFQ is better

There’s nothing like MESH RFQ! An online application that allows buyers to easily manage the life cycle of the RFQ from creating & sending RFQs to receiving, evaluating & awarding business to suppliers.

This allows sourcing & procurement teams within manufacturing organizations to get rid of spreadsheets & PDFs while streamlining all sourcing & purchasing processes into one online portal

Created by people just like you

Our sourcing experts know what your work entails because they’ve done the same work you do. This is the only product for sourcing professionals developed by sourcing experts.

Send RFQ’s in minutes instead of hours

MESH RFQ is software designed for buyers to use on a day-to-day basis to manage their RFQs and supplier quotes.

It’s not an ERP/MRP, it’s not a PO management/delivery system – its purpose is to allow buyers to effectively and efficiently communicate with their suppliers about the specific service, product, commodity, material, or assembly they are purchasing.

Whether you are buying scrap for your foundry, powder for your injection molding shop, bar stock for your machine shop, and components for your finished product, buyers can get online quickly to manage their RFQ and supplier quote process.

Pre-Built RFQ Templates

Customizable RFQ templates for sourcing custom-engineered components and raw materials that can be saved for reuse later.

My Part Library

Centralized repository of part data with multiple documents, files, and drawings for each part.

Supplier Management

Allows purchasing organizations to manage the whole supplier base by tracking supplier info, certifications, due dates, RFQ activity, and overall supplier performance.

My Reports Library

Customizable and pre-built report templates that allow for easy review & analysis + reporting.


Our customizable dashboard gives the user real-time visibility into RFQ metrics along with a workbench that is designed to entail upcoming tasks/actions for the user.

Works the way you do

MESH RFQ was created with the buyers in mind. It's not just a spreadsheet on steroids – it’s a mission-critical, workflow software that is used by buyers daily for everything sourcing & purchasing-related.

Ready-to-Use material lists

We’ve done the tedious job of loading and grading nearly 2,500 materials & commodities in our pre-built material database.